Discover the pianist within you and the sheer enjoyment of making music.

Zach Andrews is a pianist, violinist, teacher and musician who has studied, performed and taught music for over 20 years. Tutoring students within the Stroud district, his approach can be encapsulated in three words:




Learning the piano 

Why learn the piano? 

Most obviously perhaps for the pleasure that can be had from making music. But other reasons can include confidence building, developing self expression, improving reading, comprehension and maths skills, and creating a sense of responsibility, both to one’s self and to others.

I am often struck by the difference between students at their first lesson and the same person a year later. The change can be remarkable. Exposure to music and the learning of the piano changes someone and makes them grow, both as a musician and as a person.

 It is incredibly rewarding for me to witness that growth of skill, personality and confidence, and it is something that I hope all my students will appreciate through spending time at the piano and learning to play this amazing instrument.

The Importance of practice

 ‘Don’t practice until you get it right – practice until you can’t get it wrong’

The author of this inspirational quote may be unknown, but the sentiment is a good one for anyone learning an instrument. Practice doesn’t always make perfect - but what it does do is give the student the chance to achieve a better musical understanding, become a better piano player and ultimately enjoy their progress and achievement.

Musical instruments are difficult things to learn, and the piano is no exception. It does require some hard work on the part of the student, and a commitment to regular practice.

I ask that all my students keep a practice log, and hope parents will take an active role in the encouragement of their children. As a teacher, I help students by giving them practice guidance and outlines of what I think will be manageable, desired, and importantly, enjoyable.



Zach wants his students to engage fully with the piano and the process of learning to play it. To help them understand what is involved and gain their trust and commitment to him as their teacher.


As they develop he hopes to inspire them to become more proficient in their playing, more ambitious in their choice of music and more confident in their own abilities.

Through this he believes that they can have their musical and cultural appreciation enriched, as well as gaining an enormous sense of achievement and fulfilment.

Through his music scholarship to The King’s School, Gloucester he received expert tuition in piano, violin and singing. He has played in numerous Orchestras, including Stroud Area Youth Orchestra and Stroud Symphony Orchestra. He has also been involved in many choral performances with both The King’s School and Gloucester Cathedral Choirs.

This broad base of musical training and performance has given Zach a detailed understanding of what is required to learn and perform, but also to teach others to bring out their full potential as musicians, whilst helping them to enjoy making music at every stage of their development.

  • Zach has completed an NSPCC Child Protection Awareness Course in Music, has a full DBS check and is a Member of the Musicians Union.