What are lessons with Zach like?

Perhaps the most important thing for all my students is that they have a great time learning. If you don’t enjoy something then you are unlikely to improve as well as you might. My approach to teaching, whilst serious about learning, is not stuffy – you need to have fun!

Every student is different, learns at a different pace and likes playing different styles of music. So I try and make sure that each lesson is structured to fit the individual student, rather than adopt a one size fits all approach. However, there are certain fundamental things which everyone needs to learn.

How to read music, basic technique, an appreciation of rhythm, phrasing and articulation, are all important elements of learning the piano. I also teach so that students can improve their all-round musicality. Playing the piano, or any other instrument, should not be seen as an isolated thing, but enjoyed as part of a better appreciation of music generally.

I often ask students to bring me a piece of music they like, for me to play to them. This directly links something they already enjoy with hearing it played on the instrument they are about to learn. It helps to engage them with the instrument, and hopefully inspire them to appreciate what they could achieve over time.

No matter what type of student you are, I strongly believe that learning the piano can enrich anyone’s life, and I hope that undertaking a series of lessons will do just that for all my students.