Zach has been teaching my 6 year old daughter for over a year now. He very quickly established a good rapport with her and her interest in piano grew as a result. She clearly feels very comfortable with him and is confident to try new things and move on from mistakes. She is making good progress and most importantly she is enjoying playing the piano. In fact, her sister has noticed how much fun she is having and has asked to have lessons with Zach too!
— Lorna 
Zach is a patient and kind teacher who is very committed to his students and their needs. Having come from a non-musical family my son is now able to happily read music and apply this skill to new musical scores.
— Caroline 
Zach is a lovely piano teacher who brings immense patience and enthusiasm to his lessons. My son (8 years old) started with Zach a year ago and has made terrific progress. Zach tailors his lessons to suit his pupils age and learning styles which leads to a strong teacher/student relationship. I would very happily recommend Zach to anyone looking for a piano teacher.
— Julie
We have 12 year old twins who have been seeing Zach for a year. He has been very patient with them and has instilled enthusiasm  and a love for playing the piano.
— Lisa
Zach has taught my daughter piano for just over a year now. He is well organised and has helped her gain in confidence recently passing her Grade 2. Zach has been easy to get on with and my daughter enjoys lessons and even does practice in her own time. Payment systems are easy and you always get a quick response when you contact Zach. On a star rating we would give him 5 from 5
— Julian
I am delighted with how enthusiastic the children have been with their lessons. Zach has worked on their pre-existing musical knowledge and has filled in the gaps allowing them to play a variety of pieces and generally enjoy playing music. This has enabled them to achieve their Grade 3 with merit. I think Zach has a good rapport with my children and makes piano lessons fun.
— Nicki
Both my children aged 10 and 8 enjoy their piano lessons with Zach. Always a relaxed and fun environment and they’re making excellent progress. Superb teaching always. 
— Sarah
My daughter has been having piano lessons with Zach for a year now. He is extremely encouraging and really engages with her mood and energy each lesson so that they can make the most of their time. Zach is also meticulous about getting her to read music properly whist making it enjoyable and fun. The best bit about Zach’s teaching style is that every lesson feels tailored to her needs; therefore maintaining her attention and desire to learn, and most importantly her willingness to practice.
— Rebecca
Zach is the perfect teacher. He adapts his methods to suit each individual’s needs.
— Kim
Having recently retired I thought I would like to learn to play the piano. I started with Zach about eighteen months ago, and was extremely nervous having never played an instrument in my life! I needn’t have worried. Zach is an excellent teacher. He put me at ease, he explains things well and pitches it at my level. He is always patient and encouraging. I was worried in case he expected me to perform or take exams, but he understands that at this time in my life I want purely to play for my own pleasure!
— Sal