Q: Where do the piano lessons take place?

A: At my home in Nailsworth.

Q: What days and times are lessons available?

A: From 3pm - 7 pm, Monday to Friday

Q: How long does a lesson last?

A: Each lesson is half an hour long.

Q: How much do lessons cost?

A: Lessons cost £16 per week

Q: What ages do you teach?

A: Ages 7 upwards – there is no upper limit. I do not accept students under 7 years of age. If you are an adult student it is important that you have the time and motivation to practice daily.

Q: Do you offer private or group lessons?

A: I offer private lessons on a one to one basis only – I do not offer group lessons.

Q: What frequency are lessons?

A: All my students have weekly piano lessons. I do not offer flexible lesson frequency.

Q: How is tuition paid?

A: I ask for payment by direct debit a month in advance.

Q: How much practice time is required?

A: There are no hard and fast rules here, however beginners should be practicing at least 15 mins every day (longer is better), everyone else should try for at least 30 mins per day.

Q: Do you teach music theory?

A: I do not teach music theory lessons for grades. However, music theory is inherent in learning notation and practical musicianship, so will be included in lessons to an extent.

Q: Are there performance opportunities?

A: Yes, many times a year. Events are kept low key, and would be a perfect starting place for anyone uncertain about performance. 

Q: What is the parent’s role?

A: Parents play an important role in encouraging students. They will help ensure students practice properly, and generally contribute to a child’s learning regardless of their own musical ability. 

Q: Is an electric keyboard OK or do I need to own a piano?

A: It really depends on the keyboard – some are much more suitable than others. My general advice is that an electronic keyboard is OK for beginners. However, they may quickly outgrow their instrument and will need something a bit more ‘piano like’. 

Q: Do you make your lessons enjoyable?

A: Yes, I always aim to make piano lessons enjoyable. If students don’t enjoy what they are doing they will generally find it difficult to improve.